tout le monde l'adore - vêtement d'allaitement

You are the ones who talk about it the best way

"The genius idea"

"A gusset on the waist to keep wearing the tee-shirt whatsoever the belly size fluctuation. What a wonderful idea !"



"Everybody loves it"

"I am so glad about my t-shirt ! Everybody loves it and I feel so good and so pretty with it ! Good thanks to the fabric and the perfect fit but also because the breastfeeding opening is very practical.




"What a wonderful quality and fit ! Thank you also for having used a light fabric for all the mum in a post-partum period who have all the hormones on fire. A zip very easy to pull down which is not always the case. Very happy.



"Awesome, Wonderful"

"The t-shirt "Alerte à Maliboob" is just awesome ! My husband loves it, and the and found it perfectly fitted ! The long dress is wonderful with a very nice fabric. Finally, these are wonderful clothes. (...) I am so blessed! "




"The t-shirt is gorgeous! I love the color, the fit, the shape, the breastfeeding opening and the garnment is very comfy so I love wearing it"

Ulule contributor


"Very comfy"

"I am so in love with the tank tops. There are just perfect, the fabric is comfy to wear, and light enough so I am not too hot. The embroidery is so beautiful. The opening system with the snap buttons are very practical. Well, I am so satisfied ! "

Ulule conrtributor


"Very well fitted"

"I love it ! Very well fitted ! It is one of my only one shirts that fitted me well. And I can finally do a bun down up to the short ! We love it !"



"So so happy"

"I am so glad, the quality is very good, the colors are wonderful. I can't wait to wear it !"



"So comfy"

"The t-shirt is just awesome, so comfy and soft !

Ulule contributor

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