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Organic Breastfeeding Herbal Tea - Ilado

Organic Breastfeeding Herbal Tea - Ilado

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“MILKY MAMA” herbal tea accompanies new mothers in their breastfeeding journey with complete peace of mind. This exclusive blend of plants from organic farming was carefully chosen in partnership with Eva Ouahbé, a renowned naturopath, for its virtues.

Our infusion contains fennel and caraway seeds, two galactogenic plants known to naturally stimulate the production of breast milk. These ingredients are harmoniously combined with nettle leaves, traditionally used to enrich breast milk and restore vitality to young mothers thanks to their iron, calcium and vitamin C content.

Once infused, immerse yourself in the delights of our “Nectar Lacté” herbal tea and enjoy its subtly aniseed notes during moments of relaxation throughout the day.

Each cup of this 100% natural herbal tea is free of sugar and artificial flavors. They are carefully assembled by hand in France, and each sachet contains a net weight of 60 grams, offering the possibility of enjoying up to 30 cups of this beneficial infusion.

The composition of our herbal tea includes rigorously selected ingredients, such as anise, fennel, caraway seeds, hibiscus, nettle and coconut, all from organic farming.

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