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The nursing pillow 

Certainly you can use the cushions you have at home, but you will certainly have to combine the cushions to have the arms, the back and the baby wedged at ease. The nursing cushion will allow you to be comfortably seated, without having tension in the back and arms.

What is the breastfeeding pillow for?

  • To sleep during your pregnancy
  • To breastfeed
  • It can be used as a baby bouncer

The Mumade brand offers you inflatable nursing cushions ideal for your travels or your nomadic breastfeeding!


Nursing shells: 

This medical device protects the nipples . Breast milk helps heal cracks . By placing your nursing shells on your nipples, your breast milk will naturally create a bandage to help you heal. the Baby Shell brand offers you a pretty pair of nursing shells . Mermaid effect guaranteed!

Breast pads 

There are two kinds: 

  • Single use disposable
  • In fabrics that can be machine washed.

For the latter it is advisable to wash them at 60 ° 

It's a must have for leaks! 

A lanolin balm 

Breast milk will always be your best ally to prevent, repair and heal your cracked nipples. However, you can use lanolin , which is a wax made from sheep's wool grease.

It acts like a real repairing balm when applied to the nipples . It helps to relieve the pain associated with breastfeeding and to heal in case of cracks . 

A breast pump: 

The breast pump can be useful if you have to go away or resume a professional activity. Good to know: You don't have to buy your breast pump! Indeed you can rent a breast pump. Breast pump rental is is even reimbursed by social security ! For this you must have a prescription from your doctor (or pediatrician) 

Several models will be offered to you, some are more nomadic than others, it's up to you to see how useful you will be. 


How to rent your breast pump?

  • you need a prescription (to be renewed as many times as necessary)
  • contact a breast pump rental organization

Several organizations offer you a catalog of breast pumps. You choose the one that suits you and you receive it at home (or at a relay point).


An appointment with a lactation consultant: 

It's not really an accessory but certainly one of the most important points! Breastfeeding is natural but not innate ! It's normal not to know everything about this subject and it's normal to have some difficulties. We can only advise you to meet with your partner before the baby arrives in order to clear up all the questions. Then, an appointment once the baby is there, can also be very useful, because each baby has his own language; an IBCLC lactation consultant can help you experience breastfeeding fully and peacefully. Here you will find a (non-exhaustive) list of IBCLC certified lactation consultants:


When to consult an IBCLC consultant? : 

  • Preparing for future breastfeeding
  • Solve latch problems
  • In case of cracks , pain
  • Insufficient weight gain of the baby
  • Breastfeeding twins
  • Know the different positions for breastfeeding
  • When baby has a medical problem (such as GERD )
  • In case of personal problems that may impact breastfeeding
  • weaning
  • Expressing and storing milk
  • Maintaining breastfeeding when returning to work
  • The continuation of breastfeeding at the time of food diversification
  • In case of mastitis or clogged ducts
  • etc

Some reading : 

For those who still have a little time to immerse themselves in a book, or those who are preparing for it before the baby arrives, Carole Hervé offers a complete book on breastfeeding “ My tailor -made breastfeeding”.

Source: Charline Born and hatched together - Perinatal and parenthood support: http://naitreetecloreensemble.ovh

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