Bilboquet : Coup de ❤️ pour ses vêtements enfants.

Craving for ❤️

The Limky adventure is also accompanied by companies that we particularly like.

In May 2021, during a photo shoot for the launch of our first collection, we met Aude, the creator of Bilboquet. Aude is a stylist and mom from Lyon, who created her baby and children's clothing brand in 2016.

At Bilboquet we love everything! Bilboquet is a concept, with a 100% French manufacturing, a confection in small series to avoid the waste of an overproduction. It is Aude herself who designs, creates the patterns and makes the whole collection. It is also a conviction for sustainable products in sustainable materials. The fabrics are mainly Oekotex Standard 100 and organic GOTS, for a more just and responsible consumption.

What we particularly like about Bilboquet is the style of the clothes. Aude reinvents timeless pieces like the bloomer. It is especially a child fashion that offers something other than pink with sequins for little girls and blue with trucks for your little boys. They are comfortable clothes with original prints (our favorite is the milk bottle MILK but we are not objective...!), seasonal colors, with very beautiful finishes.

Bilboquet is a sparkling designer who gives meaning to her clothes and who is not afraid of challenges.

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