Grossesse et bien-être : Découvrez les rituels ILADO pour une maternité épanouie

Pregnancy and well-being: Discover the ILADO rituals for a fulfilled motherhood

Introduction :

Pregnancy is a time of physical and emotional upheaval for a woman. It is essential to cultivate well-being and harmony during these nine months of transformation. In this quest for serenity, rituals can play a crucial role. In this article, we will explore the rituals offered by ILADO, a brand dedicated to the well-being of pregnant women, and how they can contribute to a fulfilling motherhood experience.

Discovering ILADO:

ILADO is much more than just a brand; it is a real companion for pregnant women. Founded on the idea of ​​celebrating motherhood and creating moments of connection with the unborn baby, ILADO offers a range of products carefully designed to promote the well-being of expectant mothers.

ILADO rituals:

1- Maternity jewelry:

At the heart of ILADO's philosophy are the famous maternity jewelry . These magnificent necklaces contain a subtly placed bell that emits a soft and soothing sound with each movement of the mother-to-be. Worn from the first months of pregnancy, these symbolic jewels create an intimate bond between the mother and the unborn child. Each ringing reminds the mother-to-be of the comforting presence of her baby, thus promoting a feeling of calm and well-being.

ILADO's maternity jewelry has its origins in an ancient Mexican tradition called "Bola de Pregnancy" or "Llamador de Ángeles" in Spanish, meaning "call of the angels". This tradition dates back centuries and was practiced by indigenous women in Latin America, particularly in Mayan and Aztec communities.

The bell subtly placed inside the necklace emits a soft and soothing sound with each movement of the mother-to-be. According to ancestral belief, this sound was supposed to soothe the soul of the unborn baby and attract protective angels to watch over him throughout his growth in the maternal womb.

Worn from the first months of pregnancy , these symbolic jewels were also considered protective talismans for mother and child. They were often passed down from generation to generation, symbolizing the sacred bond between mothers and their children throughout the ages.

Thus, each ringing of the bell reminds the future mother of the comforting presence of her baby, but it is also loaded with the history and tradition of the ancestors, which strengthens the intimate bond between the mother, the unborn child and past generations. This deep connection to cultural and spiritual roots helps foster a sense of calm, well-being and connection during pregnancy.

2- The ILADO Podcast: Re-enchanting Motherhood through Meditation

In addition to its iconic jewelry, ILADO offers an enriching experience through its dedicated podcast, hosted on Naissance d'une Maman . This podcast invites future mothers to immerse themselves in a world of guided meditations specially designed to support each stage of pregnancy.

Through these meditation sessions, ILADO offers an inner journey, an exploration of oneself and the deep connection with the unborn baby. The meditations address various aspects of motherhood, such as preparing for childbirth, managing stress and anxiety, and strengthening the emotional connection with the baby.

By offering a space to relax, refocus and recharge, the ILADO podcast allows mothers to re-enchant their motherhood. These moments of calm and contemplation offer a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of daily life, allowing mothers-to-be to connect with their deep essence and cultivate a feeling of well-being and serenity.

By integrating these meditations into their daily routine, mothers can nourish their mind and soul, creating an inner environment conducive to fulfilling and happy motherhood. The ILADO podcast thus becomes a valuable companion to support women throughout their journey to motherhood, offering them practical and inspiring tools to live this transformative experience with grace and serenity.

If you are looking for a peaceful birth through meditation, also discover Mèr(e)veilleuse, the first meditation guide for future mothers. Written by Sandra Ambos, the founder of ILADO and the Naissance d'une Maman podcast, it contains 44 exclusive guided meditations to listen to via QR codes, but also writing rituals, to prepare you for your birth with complete confidence ( Practical Hatchet).

3- The ILADO Collection of Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Herbal Teas: Nourishing Maternal Well-being


In its quest to promote maternal well-being at all stages of pregnancy and breastfeeding, ILADO offers a collection of herbal teas specially formulated to meet the nutritional and emotional needs of pregnant women and new mothers . Each herbal tea is carefully crafted using natural and organic ingredients, selected for their beneficial properties for maternal health.

These herbal teas are designed to support the overall health of the mother-to-be and promote a fulfilling pregnancy and harmonious breastfeeding. By integrating plants with recognized virtues, such as chamomile, lemon balm, fennel and raspberry, into their formulas, ILADO herbal teas offer a multitude of benefits for maternal well-being.

During Pregnancy: ILADO pregnancy herbal teas are specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of pregnant women. They can help relieve morning sickness, support digestion, and ease physical and emotional tension. By offering a moment of relaxation and comfort, these herbal teas help to create an environment conducive to well-being for both the mother and the unborn baby.

During Breastfeeding: Once the baby is born, ILADO herbal teas continue to support maternal well-being during breastfeeding. Some varieties are specially designed to encourage breast milk production , while others help relieve breastfeeding-related discomforts, such as breast engorgement and digestive problems in infants. By integrating these herbal teas into their daily routine, mothers can nourish their body and mind, thus promoting serene and harmonious breastfeeding.

By offering a natural and holistic solution for self-care during pregnancy and breastfeeding , the ILADO herbal tea collection becomes a valuable tool to promote maternal well-being at all stages of this extraordinary journey to motherhood.

4- ILADO Perfumes: A Touch of Freshness and Serenity for Moms

In its commitment to promoting maternal well-being, ILADO offers a range of fragrances designed to bring a feeling of freshness and serenity to pregnant women and new mothers. This collection is carefully crafted with high-quality ingredients, offering delicate and soothing scents to accompany every step of the journey to motherhood.

Soft and Comforting Fragrances: ILADO perfumes are specially formulated to evoke positive emotions and soothe the minds of mothers. Inspired by the beauty of nature and moments of connection with the unborn baby, these fragrances offer a delicate and comforting olfactory experience. By spraying these perfumes, mothers can feel enveloped in an aura of softness and well-being, creating a feeling of calm and harmony in their daily lives.

The importance of rituals during pregnancy:

Rituals play a vital role in maintaining emotional and physical balance during pregnancy. By integrating well-being practices such as meditation, wearing symbolic jewelry and relaxation rituals into their daily lives, pregnant women can experience this period in a more serene and fulfilling way.

Conclusion :

Pregnancy is a time of profound transformation, both physically and emotionally. Thanks to the rituals offered by ILADO, pregnant women can cultivate well-being, connection with their baby and live this extraordinary adventure with serenity. By integrating these rituals into their daily lives, future mothers can nourish their body and mind, thus creating an environment conducive to a fulfilled and happy motherhood.

To discover ILADO products and rituals, go to their website: ILADO .

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