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Top 8 best gift ideas for Mother's Day

Sunday June 4 is Mother's Day.

It's an opportunity to treat yourself, or even to whisper gift ideas in the ear of your other half... Because it's time to remember that you are a super mom, to put it mildly, LA best of moms!

Even if you also love surprises, you seemed eager to discover our list of original ideas to prepare or spend a beautiful Mother's Day, or even as a mom, wish a happy Mother's Day to your own mom. .

Because yes, it is always difficult to know what to offer for Mother's Day. So as promised, here is a (non-exhaustive) list of the 7 best original and personalized ideas to spoil yourself and spend a pleasant day without fuss.

From gourmet gifts to cocooning gifts , including unusual and essential gifts. Because even if baby is too small to give a gift to his mother, it is important to celebrate his first Mother's Day ! Then turn the list to your other half!

Essential Mother's Day gift ideas

1/ An engraved and personalized jewel made in France for mum

Because a piece of jewelry lasts a lifetime and even more, because a piece of jewelry can convey a message of love, it's the perfect idea to please all mothers, whatever their age or age of their child(ren).

Rosa La Brune offers you necklaces, bracelets, rings, an entire collection of jewelry to personalize according to your desires! If you are short of ideas, Rosa La Brune also offers you different engraving models to adapt according to your messages, your first names, or initials.

A gift that mom will remember for sure!

personalized jewelry mother's day


2/ A Mothers t-shirt for all mothers

Our new iconic t-shirt , in collaboration with the community of Swiss mums, is bound to be the ideal Mother's Day gift idea for all mums.

A "Mother Stories" printed t-shirt in summer colors, for mothers of all ages.

A model developed in collaboration with Mother Stories, the community dedicated to the well-being of (future) mothers.

" Mother Stories " because each mother has her own story, but also because each mother lives many stories during her motherhood. Several chapters of maternal life as I like to say!

How about matching your own mom ?

This model exists in a classic version and also in a breastfeeding version. Because LIMKY has always supported, above all, the choice of the mother in terms of nutrition for her baby. So not to make anyone jealous, we are super proud to launch our first t-shirt available in a classic version and a breastfeeding version ! The same model, same peachskin effect organic cotton, same cut, same design, only the YKK zips will help you differentiate the Mother Stories breastfeeding t-shirt from the classic Mother Stories t-shirt .

mom mother t-shirt

Cocooning Mother's Day gifts to take care of mom

3/ A mama scented candle with her jewel

Nothing like creating a comforting atmosphere for mom . A timeless gift that brings well-being thanks to its 100% natural wax candle with sweet notes of pink vanilla and cinnamon.

The icing on the cake, the candle contains a bracelet with a stone selected by a litotherapist for its protective energies.

ilado mom gift

4 / A facial treatment for a pure moment of relaxation

A little time for yourself? To take care of yourself, your skin, your body, in peace!
A face massage, who says better as a gift idea for Mother's Day ?

Clarins offers a whole host of facial treatments and even body treatments in their spas. An idea to quickly slip into your half's ear so that they reserve in time for Sunday, June 4th!

clarine face care


5 / The "I don't have time" version of the facial treatment

Hurt yourself moms, it's time to take care of yourself! A little time to pamper yourself, to feel beautiful, is essential to live fully and serenely all the responsibilities that fall on the role of mom! So I grant you, 1 hour of facial treatment is not always easy to find, on the other hand 15 minutes out of the shower, eating your bowl of cereal, you no longer have an excuse!

Here a great box from Patchology, their products are top, of good quality, quick and easy to use, not to mention their super efficiency!

mom face care gift set

Unusual Mother's Day gift ideas

6 / A puzzle with your favorite family photo

A way to immortalize some of our family photos that are sleeping in our phone, and even enjoy them while playing with them! An original and personalized idea to spoil mum on Mother's Day.

memory puzzle mom family gift

7 / An illustration of your little tribe

If you're not a big fan of puzzles, but you want to bring some family photos that are sleeping in your phone to life, this is also a great way to immortalize them. And then the opportunity to give a bit of design back to the lounge, which was transformed into a Joué Club boutique in the blink of an eye!

mom gift family illustration

Gourmet Mother's Day gift for a special family moment.

8 / An aperitif at the Park with the family

A little time for yourself, as a couple, with friends, and with the children! The park is even better in aperitif mode, don't you think? The picnic version can be just as nice! You choose the time and format, but this guarantees you a great program for Sunday, June 4th, even at the last minute :)

On the following link you will find, for example , a list of parks in Lyon where the picnic or aperitif format can be adapted.

mom aperitif park

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