la garde d'enfant : nounou, crèche, assistante maternelle....

childcare: nanny, nursery, childminder ....

For some moms, it's time to go back to work, to go back to the office, and finally decide to find a childcare method.

Between childminders, day care centers, we do our research and we do our best to find the most appropriate person to keep our little one.

However, despite a good first feeling, sometimes the first days are complicated, even after the trial period is over.

My little one cried a lot the first weeks, especially at the end of the day when she saw the other children leaving. It was difficult but with all the good advice we finally managed to calm down the situation.

These tips we share with you, because they were precious to us 💓:

- talk, talk, and more talk to explain to the child the process of the day.

- make the child participate in the departure of the other children (make him check the boxes of departure, bring the coats, comforters of the child who is about to leave)

- leave a family photo album at the daycare

- leave a blanket, a pacifier, a favorite book

- draw a heart on his hand when he leaves in the morning so that he can look at it as soon as the child feels blue during the day (each time he looks at the heart = mom thinks of him)

What was saving for us were the first second options!

Take heart, your little one needs time, listening and affection 💓

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