mother stories communauté dédiée aux mamans suisse et limky marque de vêtements pour maman et future maman

LIMKY x MotherStories: Celebrating Motherhood through Fashion

Introduction :

Dear mothers, we are delighted to present to you a unique collaboration between LIMKY and MotherStories , an alliance that celebrates motherhood through fashion. As the founder of the LIMKY brand, I have the pleasure of inviting you on a unique journey, where fashion meets maternity, and where all mothers, whether breastfeeding or not, find their place. This t-shirt capsule is the result of an inspiring collaboration between two communities dedicated to the well-being of mothers.

The LIMKY x MotherStories Capsule:

Our t-shirt collection, the result of the LIMKY x MotherStories collaboration, embodies the shared vision of celebrating motherhood in all its diversity.

MotherStories and LIMKY have their values ​​in common, that of advocating kindness and the freedom to do as we want and as we can. We wanted to be able to dress all mothers regardless of how they feed their child (breast, bottle, DAL, mixed). The important thing is to be able to feel good and take responsibility for your choices.

This capsule was designed to offer elegant and functional style to mothers, whether they are breastfeeding with or without a zip, or not breastfeeding, or more. T-shirts are not only a fashion statement, but also a statement of inclusiveness and support for the different facets of motherhood.

Discover our MotherStories T-shirt: one and the same design, for an organic cotton t-shirt available in a version with YKK zips and in a version without zip. A Mother t-shirt that proudly displays its inclusiveness and support for all mothers.

Inclusivity at the Heart of Fashion:

At LIMKY and MotherStories, we believe that every mom deserves to be heard, understood and valued. That's why we created t-shirts that embody the power of fashion to unite moms in their diversity. These versatile clothes are designed to accompany you on your motherhood journey, whatever it may be.

Why choose MotherStories to design this inclusive capsule?

MotherStories, a Swiss community of moms , is a true treasure for moms from all walks of life. This dedicated group highlights the power of maternal stories to create a unique connection between mothers across Switzerland. As you venture into the world of MotherStories, you'll discover an online space where every mom writes her own chapter in the story of motherhood.

Whether you are a pregnant mother, a young mother looking for advice, or an experienced mother wishing to share her experiences, MotherStories offers you a dynamic and caring platform to express yourself. The key words here are “mom,” “motherhood,” and “pregnancy,” and they define the very heart of this thriving community.

When you explore MotherStories, you immerse yourself in a rich collection of personal mom stories, valuable motherhood resources, and practical advice to inform your own mom journey. But that's not all. MotherStories goes beyond words. This community also offers community events, inspiring stories, and the opportunity to create lasting friendships with other moms who completely understand your experiences.

The Power of Mother's Stories:

Every mother has a story to tell. Our maternal stories are a reflection of our experiences, our triumphs, our challenges and our moments of joy. Through MotherStories, Elsa and Natalie highlight these inspiring stories that reveal the beauty and diversity of motherhood.

In the world of motherhood, MotherStories is a faithful guide and a constant source of inspiration. Whatever your stage of life as a parent, MotherStories encourages you to write your own story of motherhood, recognizing the beauty and diversity of each maternal journey.

Joining this community means immersing yourself in a world of sharing, support, and celebration of Swiss motherhood. So, if you're ready to discover the stories, experiences and precious moments shared by MotherStories moms, don't delay in exploring this inspiring community.


Ultimately, MotherStories is much more than just a community of moms. It is a space dedicated to the celebration of motherhood in all its forms. Their platform's mission is to bring together Swiss mothers, of all generations and from all backgrounds, to share their journeys, support each other and create lasting bonds.

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