VanillaMilk - Votre allié durant tout votre allaitement

VanillaMilk - Your ally throughout your breastfeeding

Maternity is a real upheaval in our lives. Full of emotions, happiness, fatigue, questions, loneliness, doubts, sometimes even depression.

We are often very accompanied during our pregnancy. But once we give birth, the focus is very much on the baby. The mother then sometimes feels very alone, full of questions. Even if paternity leave greatly relieves the mother and offers the father the possibility of forging strong bonds with his child from birth, the father does not always have the answers to the mother's questions and doubts. Many women are unable to continue breastfeeding once at home: problem with the breastfeeding position, difficulty putting the baby to the breast, refusal of the baby, pain, rising milk, uncertainty about the rhythm of the feedings, the quantity of milk produced, the baby bleeding from the breast, the inverted nipple, the use of care and creams for the nipples, etc.

This is where VanillaMilk comes into its own. A platform designed by a mother (Stéphanie Habenstein) and for breastfeeding mothers and nursing pumps.

Stéphanie : "In France, breastfeeding has become a sensitive subject that is rarely talked about. Women have gradually unlearned the gestures of breastfeeding and the transmission of this knowledge has gradually disappeared.

Future mothers are poorly informed and therefore poorly prepared for what awaits them when they leave the maternity ward. They often feel helpless and isolated, they doubt..."

In addition, too few health professionals are trained in breastfeeding. Pediatricians, midwives, childcare assistants, general practitioners, gynecologists, all these health professionals that we come into close contact with during our pregnancy and our postpartum who are however very little trained in breastfeeding maternal. Only lactation consultants benefit from really advanced training to help, support and advise breastfeeding mothers and breast-feeding mothers. However, it is a profession that is too little known in France, although essential for a young mother who wishes to breastfeed.

VanillaMilk is a free service for putting mothers in touch with each other, but also with breastfeeding professionals, milk banks...

A website rich in information, testimonials, sharing of experiences, advice, tips , contacts of associations as well as a map which allows you to geolocate the list of professionals . Some even offer teleconsultation. Physical workshops are also regularly organized.

A whole network around you: 6911 mothers, 642 trained professionals, 103 associations, 20 milk banks and 55 "Breastfeeding welcome" places spread throughout France!

In short, real support for breastfeeding mothers/parents.

A simple and effective presentation video is also available here

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