Doriane & Joy
Limky* is a new French fashion brand who offers you comfy, stylish and efficient nursing clothes thanks to a ingenious opening system with invisible zips or snap buttons. Limky is eager to make the daily life of breastfeeding mom easier and fight against taboos and stereotypes of mom life.

Committed by the respect of the planet and our skin, we produce all our clothes in France or Portugal with organic cotton or recycled materials.

*Limky is part of the famous association 1% For The Planet.


We are Joy and Doriane, two old friends, coming from Lyon and West of France.
Breastfeeding has been an obvious option for us as per the recommendation of WHO (world Health Organization). But it took all its purpose when Joy got to know at 8 month of her pregnancy that her mom has a diagnosis of a Cancer (breastfeeding reducing the cancer risks).
Aware of the complexity of being a mom, we love hanging out, at a restaurant or at the park with friends and family, and travelling. That's why we love the idea of being able to breastfeed at anytime and anywhere.
What was not that easy for the two first breastfeeding experience Doriane had, as she often had to expose her breast or her belly so she could breastfeed outside.
So we decided to create Limky in order to make our ideas availabel to all women, with all the diversity of bodies and breastfeeding experience. #Milky

    Member of 1% for the planet, we donate 1% of our turnover to associations with an environmental impact (climate, food, natural areas, pollution, wildlife, water).

    As for our profits, they are put to use through our research and development to better meet the style, comfort and practicality requirements of our breastfeeding clothes.


    Design, research & development made in France , raw materials woven in Portugal , manufacturing made in Portugal with an ethical family factory, member of the BSCI and certified Gots and Oeko Tex .

    Limited quantities so as not to produce unnecessarily or destroy stocks.

    We thus guarantee renowned know-how and professionalism in compliance with social and environmental standards.


    Nursing clothes require real thought in terms of cut, choice of fabrics and opening system.

    Our cups and opening systems have been tested and approved by breastfeeding mothers.

    We are committed to keeping full transparency about our costs and investments.

    As a small business starting out, we don't get paid. Everything is reinvested.


    A short circuit to reduce our carbon footprint:

    - produced in France

    - produced in Portugal or France

    - a web distribution to control our costs and offer you a fair price.

    (reduction of nearly 90% compared to production in China).


    An organic T-shirt is 25 times less water (100L)


    Eco-responsible packaging to limit our environmental impact (100% recyclable and 70% recycled) in optimized formats.

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