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Motherhood really wasn't innate.

I didn't grow up with the mother hen who was overflowing with affection and cuddles; Tenderness and maternal love is not something I really experienced in my childhood.

As an adult, doctors predicted that I would have difficulty having children. With all this, I had a hard time seeing myself as a mother and even less so as a breastfeeding mother!

In the end life produces some miracles, in my case I had 3.

Motherhood then confronted me with some harsh realities, including isolation; But also, personal embarrassment or that of society during feedings because I was often forced to uncover my chest or my stomach to breastfeed in public places despite my slight modesty...

“As my due date approached, my husband and I moved and moved away from family and friends. The days could be long, it was essential for me to go out for a walk and meet people. I didn't want breastfeeding to hinder that and force me to isolate myself further. »

This is why I want to act in favor of the normalization of breastfeeding and make the daily lives of mothers easier. It is therefore essential for me to realize the idea of ​​being able to breastfeed in all circumstances!

This is how I decided to give birth to Limky and thus put my determination at the service of all women, with all the diversity of bodies and breastfeeding experiences. #Milky

Because “the key to successful breastfeeding is also a woman who feels good and therefore, who feels beautiful and comfortable in her clothes. »

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All the factories closed the door in my face one by one because I had production quantities that were far too low in their eyes and no one wanted to embark on a complex project, especially in the middle of COVID.

When I looked for investors it was the same thing , no one wanted to get involved in an issue that only concerns mothers... That clearly interests no one!

One day, while I was breastfeeding my daughter in a café, a friend with a career in the fashion and luxury industry introduced me to one of her colleagues, Isabella, of Portuguese origin and mother of two girls. .

A meeting that will bring my project to life.

Isabella finds my idea brilliant and invites me to visit her manufacturing workshop in Portugal to launch our first production financed by my small savings!

This is how the LIMKY adventure begins, with the daily ambition of helping young mothers and future mothers reconnect with their femininity and also find clothes in which they are comfortable to breastfeed in complete femininity.

Thus relieving themselves of an additional mental load during their postpartum period.

*photo credit: Myriam Stadler Photography

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