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Discover the Mother Stories T-shirt for all mothers:

If you watch TV on France 2 at La Maison Des Maternelles, you may have heard about the Mother Stories T-shirt, a unique piece that celebrates motherhood in an exceptional way. This exclusive collaboration between LIMKY and MotherStories transcends the boundaries of fashion to highlight the diversity of motherhood.

A T-shirt that adapts to you:

The Mother Stories T-shirt is much more than just clothing. It embodies inclusiveness and support for all mothers, whatever their breastfeeding choices. Available in organic cotton, it comes in two versions. A version with YKK zips for optimal ease of breastfeeding, or without zip for those who do not or no longer breastfeed. Wear it with pride, as it celebrates the inclusiveness and diversity of motherhood.

Inclusivity at the Heart of Fashion:

At LIMKY and MotherStories, we firmly believe that every mother deserves to be valued, understood and supported. Our Mother Stories T-shirts are designed to support every step of your motherhood journey, whether you're a breastfeeding mom or not.

Why choose the Mother Stories T-shirt:

MotherStories is a Swiss community of mothers known for its diversity and unconditional support for mothers. You'll find a wealth of information about motherhood, valuable advice and inspiring personal stories. But MotherStories goes beyond words. This community also offers community events and allows you to create lasting friendships with other moms who share your experiences.

If you're looking for a way to celebrate motherhood while feeling good about yourself, the Mother Stories T-shirt is for you. So, don't wait any longer and explore this unique collaboration between LIMKY and MotherStories which has won the hearts of mothers seen on TV on France 2 at La Maison Des Maternelles.

A Zip Breastfeeding T-shirt: Combination of Practicality and Style

Discover our Zip Breastfeeding T-shirts , a perfect fusion of practicality, comfort and style for modern mothers. Designed to simplify your breastfeeding experience, our T-shirts offer clever features that allow you to feed your baby with peace of mind, wherever you are.

Breastfeeding discreetly:

Our Zipped Breastfeeding T-shirts are specially designed to facilitate discreet access to the breast. Side openings fitted with discreet, reinforced YKK zips are cleverly hidden under an exterior coverage strip, ensuring you can breastfeed your baby comfortably and in complete privacy.

Ease of use :

One of the key features of our T-shirts is the strategic placement of the reinforced zippers, located near the breast rather than under the armpit. No more time wasted looking for the zip or pulling it under the armpit, no more zip buckling on the sides. You can now open the zip in one gesture, even with one hand, leaving the other free to hold your baby.

Durability and Elegance:

Our Zippered Breastfeeding T-shirts are made with reinforced seams that guarantee the longevity of your garment, even after numerous zipped openings for breastfeeding. Made from organic cotton, they also offer a stylish feminine fit, allowing you to continue wearing them well after the breastfeeding period.

By opting for our Zip Breastfeeding T-shirts , you are choosing practicality, comfort, discretion, and style. Make your breastfeeding experience more enjoyable than ever, while staying true to your own style. Order now and discover the harmonious marriage of fashion and motherhood.

Comfort and Excellence for Active Moms

At, we understand how busy the lives of working moms can be. That's why we make it a point of honor to offer you clothing designed to allow you to live each day to the fullest, while taking care of you and your precious baby.

Our nursing T-shirts are made from premium quality fabrics that are soft and stretchy, ensuring unparalleled comfort for you and your little one. This feeling of well-being is the basis of everything we create.

The fitted cut and carefully thought-out design of our T-shirts give you a feminine look and total freedom of movement. So you can embrace your busy day while feeling comfortable and confident.

Our breastfeeding collection is designed in France, then meticulously manufactured in Portugal. We favor responsible and organic materials, complying with Gots and Oeko Tex standards, guaranteeing not only the quality of our products, but also their positive impact on the environment.

At, we believe that active mothers deserve the best, and that is exactly what we are committed to offering you: comfort, quality and style, all packaged in an eco-responsible approach.

Opinions of satisfied mothers

Our customers are our best reference. Check out the positive reviews from our satisfied moms to learn more about their experience with our nursing t-shirts. They highlight the comfort, practicality and style of our products, confirming our commitment to providing high-quality nursing clothing that meets the needs of modern mothers.

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