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Gift ideas for women for Valentine's Day

Discover our special Love collection to celebrate Valentine's Day as a couple .

Make your wife happy by giving her a gift full of messages of love and emotions .

For Valentine's Day, we have made a selection of our iconic Mon coeur Fait Boom pieces in a Mon coeur fait boob version, so that you can breastfeed easily , as well as a unisex t-shirt, 30% of the profits of which are donated to the association. SKIN that fights against breast cancer on a daily basis.

Our nursing clothes are an opportunity for the future mother to have fun. Thanks to our semi-fit cuts, the modern young mother reconnects with her femininity even when wearing breastfeeding clothes , whether t-shirts , dresses or sweatshirts .

A way to combine business with pleasure and take care of moms.

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LIMKY Gift Cards: The Perfect Birth Gift Idea for Postpartum Moms

When it comes to celebrating the birth of a newborn, finding the perfect gift can be a daunting challenge. Why not opt ​​for something original, practical and that will put a smile on the new mother's face? LIMKY gift cards offer an elegant and ingenious solution to offer mothers a unique and personalized shopping experience after giving birth. In this article, we explore why LIMKY gift cards are a must-have baby gift idea to spoil the mom who deserves a well-deserved break.

A Thoughtful Gift for Mom

While most birth gifts are intended for the baby, LIMKY gift cards put the mother in the spotlight. After the months of pregnancy and the intense experience of childbirth, mom deserves to feel pampered and special. LIMKY gift cards allow moms to choose from a range of breastfeeding clothes, elegant dresses and products designed especially for their postpartum period. Giving a LIMKY gift card means giving mom the freedom to choose what will make her both comfortable and radiant.

Originality and Personalization

LIMKY gift cards are distinguished by their originality and personal character. Rather than choosing a gift that might not suit mom's preferences or needs, a gift card offers a tailor-made shopping experience. The mother can browse the LIMKY online store and choose the items that best suit her style and postpartum needs. This personalization makes the LIMKY gift card an authentic gift that demonstrates your consideration for the mother.

Practicality for the New Mom

The postpartum period is a period of transition and adjustment for the mother. LIMKY gift cards offer a practical solution, allowing mothers to choose clothes adapted to their new reality. From comfortable nursing clothes to stylish dresses designed to flatter her figure, the options are varied and meet a mother's specific postpartum needs. A LIMKY gift card simplifies the shopping process and ensures mom will have what she needs to feel comfortable and confident.

A Well Deserved Break

Giving a LIMKY gift card is much more than giving clothes. It's giving the mother a well-deserved break, a moment to take care of herself and to feel beautiful and special. LIMKY clothing is designed to celebrate femininity and motherhood, and a gift card allows mom to reconnect with her own well-being, even in the busiest of times.

Online Ease of Use

Ordering and using a LIMKY gift card is simple and convenient. Gift cards are available online on the official LIMKY website ( , making it easy for you to choose the amount you want to gift. Mom can then use the gift card the next time she visits online, by adding the items of her choice to her cart and applying the gift card code at checkout.


In short, LIMKY gift cards offer an exceptional birth gift idea for the mother who deserves special attention after giving birth. These personalized gift cards allow mom to choose from a range of nursing clothes and stylish dresses designed for her postpartum period. Giving a LIMKY gift card means giving mom the freedom to choose what will make her both comfortable and radiant, while taking a well-deserved break for herself. Make the postpartum period special by giving a LIMKY gift card and showing the new mom how much she is appreciated and supported.